What’s The Difference Between A Personal and Private Chef In London?


The reality is most people use these terms interchangeably, but the truth is there are very distinct differences in the two. The main difference though is how they handle day to day work. A personal chef usually creates multiple meals at once and usually freezes these meals so their clients can use these over the course of the week. While meals are prepared for you, they generally are not fresh as they are not prepared on the day of consumption. As well, due to the ability to create meals for a client over a few days, they usually have multiple jobs and work to a very strict schedule. A private chef on the other hand works only for you, this is why this is considered more of a luxury lifestyle. In most cases they live at the clients home and takes complete control of the kitchen. Your private chef will purchase all necessary food, and prepare and serve all of your family’s at-home meals. They becomes deeply knowledgeable of each family member’s food preferences, health issues, and schedule, and will apply their creativity and expertise to your diet on an everyday basis. A private chef may also travel with the family if required.


How Much Does A Private Chef Cost In London?


Truthfully, this is one of those ‘how long is a piece of string’ type questions. There are some private chefs that average around £40,000 annually and some that are a couple hundred thousand pounds per year. Ultimately it comes down to experience, and what you are looking for exactly. Now yes, there are ways to drive the cost down and really end up with a deal that your friends would kill for but that is a much more in depth conversation to be had at another time. This is about making sure you have all the information necessary to start making informed decisions.



How To Find A Private Chef


There are few ways to find private chefs especially in the London area, however, a lot of it is preference and how educated you are in the process of finding chefs for suitable jobs. Most chefs understand the necessity of personal marketing, so if you do a few searches around the internet you will find numerous choices to comb through. Next there are quite a few directories that allow chefs to advertise through their website. This is a pretty good option as it allows you to be able to see multiple candidates in one place and will make your choice a little easier. Finally there is the option to use a private chef recruitment agency. An agency is probably one of the easiest options mainly because they do all of the heavy lifting. An agency will take your requirements and handle the entire vetting process to ensure that only the most suitable candidates are provided for you to make your decision. While each option comes with a list of pros and cons most clients prefer the private agency approach, largely because it removes most of the stress of finding the right candidate.


What to expect from a private chef agency?


As with anything in life, not all recruitment agencies are created the same, and researching which agency to use, you would be wise to keep this in mind. If you hunt out an agency then experience should be your first and most important factor. If you use an agency that has enough experience it will be a pleasant straight forward experience so go with names you can trust.


Most private chef jobs are pretty unique and come with there own set of demands and objectives. From from a private villa in Spain to a super yacht off the coast of Australia being able to clarify exactly what you are looking for in your private chef will help ensure that your job is serviced by the most suitable candidate.